What To Expect When Working With A Well Company To Install Your New Water Well

If you need a new water well on your property, you will need the help of a well drilling company to find the water, drill the well, and install the pump and other equipment required to draw water from underground. The entire process can be overwhelming, but if you understand the process, it will help. 

Finding Water

There is a vast amount of subterranean water that is fresh, clean, and extractable if you know how to find it. Some common ground features often hold water, but most of them are not visible from the surface. 

In most areas, the aquifers under the surface are shown on geological survey maps of the area, which are available online and through many local governments. The well drilling company can use these maps to look for features that will hold water under your property to select the area with the highest potential for a successful well. 

If the maps are not available, the well company may use ground-penetrating radar to look for voids and specific features that may have water in them. In rare cases, drilling a series of test bores may be required to find the aquifer or an underground water source on the property. 

Drilling The Well

Once a location is selected, the well drilling company will set up the drill rig on the site and begin drilling. As the drill bit advances into the soil, a steel well casing is inserted to support the walls and ensure the well does not collapse during the drilling process.

Water is typically found in bedrock, so the well casing is driven into the well until it encounters rock. The well drilling company will continue drilling until they find water or reach a practical depth. 

Setting The Pump

Once the well is producing water, the well drilling company will install a submersible well pump in the well and plumb it into your home with polyethylene pipe. The pump forces the water up to a pressure tank inside your home where water is stored until it is needed. The pressure tank helps reduce strain on the pump by eliminating the need to run it all the time. 

Most drilled wells will last for a lifetime, but the pump will eventually need to be replaced. Replacing the pump or other equipment should be expected, but a good well should not need anything other than occasional water testing to provide all the water you need in your home.