The Pros and Cons of Using a High-Pressure Pump for Your Rig

Driving a truck is a dirty job. Besides the dirt, oil, and debris you encounter just from the road, you also have to deal with the dirt of the job, whether that's grease, oil, concrete, chemicals, waste, or other equally grimy substances. And as every experienced trucker knows, keeping your rig clean is about much more than just aesthetics. Dirty trucks deteriorate faster. There are several options for properly cleaning your rig. While it's possible, of course, to rent a high-pressure pump and attempt the job on your own, some argue that a better option is hiring a professional to do the work. Here are the pros and cons of using high-pressure pumps. 


Industrial-Grade Pumps

It's easy to go to the local hardware store and rent a high-pressure pump but most of the machines available aren't going to be able to handle the dirt and grime of a work rig. For example, many rental high-pressure pumps can only handle cold water. However, removing oil and grease with cold water is an exercise in futility. You need heated water to be able to loosen up the oil's adherence to your rig and that's because heat melts the fats in the oil and grease so they behave more like a liquid rather than a solid. It's simple science. Additionally, you need a high-pressure pump with a high enough PSI to blast the dirt off the rig but without damaging the paint or metal underneath. The average rental washer tops out at about 1300 PSI but your rig will probably need much more power than that to remove the grime, around 3000 to 4000 PSI.  

Fewer Upfront Costs

Another advantage to hiring pros to do the job is that it will cost you less money upfront. Thoroughly cleaning a dirty work rig requires more than just a rented washer. It also requires tools like protective gear (especially when working with hazardous substances), brushes, and industrial-grade washers. Professionals will already have these tools of the trade.  

Less Time Wasted

Time spent washing your rig is time lost on the job.



Professional high-pressure pumps often charge by the hour or square foot. A dirty rig is going to take some time to clean so be prepared to pay for the skilled labor of the professional washers. However, the cost to hire pros for a really dirty job is often lower than buying or renting all the equipment you'll need.  

Possible Damage

Always choose professionals with experience and a reputation for doing proper work on commercial rigs. Hiring your buddy just because he splurged on an industrial washer may result in damage to your rig.