If You Rent Out Rooms, Give Each Bathroom Its Own Water Heater

It's becoming more common for homeowners who have huge 4- and 5-bedroom homes to rent out rooms to earn extra money. These larger homes have become the norm in new developments, so homeowners are ending up with a lot of space, no matter the size of their family. It's only natural that many would want to take advantage of this situation.

However, having renters in the same house as the owners can lead to some conflict over things like air conditioning and water temperature. Water, at least, is easy to fix because all you have to do is give each bathroom its own small water heater. That lets tenants adjust the temperature to their liking without affecting the water temperature of the rest of the house, including your own bathroom and in the kitchen.

1. Tankless Water Heaters Are Compact and Efficient

It might sound excessive to give each bathroom its own water heater, but if you use tankless water heaters, it can be rather affordable. These water heaters are compact and efficient, and because they have no storage tank, they don't use a lot of energy to keep stored water warm. If you've got a few renters sharing a couple of bathrooms, place a tankless water heater in each bathroom, and teach the renters how to reset the temperature.

2. End the Fighting Over Water Temperature

One of the biggest problems in sharing living space is that people have a different concept of what's appropriate for things like air conditioning temperature or water temperature. While most people agree that the water heater should be set within a certain range, others may not care or may want to reduce all hot water use in an attempt to conserve power and reduce usage. That can lead to people messing with the home's main water heater. It's a lot easier to figure out who among the tenants has similar views, and then group them together, assigning a bathroom with a water heater they can keep at their preferred level.

You should ensure they keep the water at a temperature that does not promote the growth of the Legionella bacteria. Instead, set a minimum temperature level in accordance with state and federal advice.

Tankless water heaters are relatively easy to install, although they are not really a DIY type of project. Contact a few tankless water heater solution companies to discuss your options.