Three Benefits of Using a Less Than Truckload Freight Shipping Service

If your business requires freight shipping but routinely does not have enough to fill a truck, you need to consider using a less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping service. This type of service basically consolidates two or more shipments into a single truck. By doing this, you will enjoy several benefits. The following are a few of them.

You will likely save money

Anytime you ship freight and the trailer has empty space, you are paying for that space. This is frustrating, but there is no way around it without using a consolidating shipping method. When your freight is combined with the freight of one or more other companies, the entire trailer is used up, so no one is paying for empty space. Much of the savings realized by utilizing the entire truck is enjoyed by you and whoever else participates in LTL shipping.

You don't sacrifice service

There are many services you may believe that you will not have if you switch to LTL shipping, but you are mistaken. For example, many of these freight companies offer inside delivery service, which is usually reserved for businesses with their own truck fleet or when paying for the entire truck trailer. And you can still utilize expedited shipment services. Of course, you have to pay more than you do with any other expedited service. And you can still track your shipment. This tracking service is usually accomplished through the bill of lading. This allows your company to plan for deliveries and shipments for just-in-time inventory methods, and it also allows you to adapt to unforeseen delays in shipments.

The risk of damage to your goods is reduced

When you ship using the LTL method, you will need to pack your goods in crates or on pallets. The exact specifications required will depend upon the particular shipping company you hire. What this achieves for the shipping company is the ability to pack the shipments tight in the trailer. You, of course, will need to tightly pack your goods in crates or on pallets so they are not moving around; less movement translates into less possible damage.

LTL freight shipping is best suited for businesses with freight that is anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds to a few tons. When you have shipments this small, you might not have enough cargo to fill a full trailer, which can lead to wasteful shipping costs. This is solved with LTL freight shipping. Not only do you save money by consolidating your freight with one or more other company's freight, but you won't sacrifice the service you may currently enjoy with your present shipping service, and the risk of damage to your goods in transit will likely be reduced.