4 Web Design Tips for Aparment Property Managers

As the property manager of one or more apartment complexes, having a professional website not only gives you the opportunity to showcase your property but also serves as a marketing tool. There are several ways you can create a stunning website for both current and future tenants.

Keep It Simple

The overall design of your website should be straightforward since the photos you include on the website will be some of the most important features. If you manage multiple properties, the homepage of your website could start with tiles, with each tile showcasing pictures for each property. The menu at the top of the page should be clear, so visitors know exactly where to go to find relevant information. Be sure to include location information on your website so visitors have a clear understanding of where each property is located and you can capitalize on local searches.

Include Vacancies

Since visitors to your website are interested in finding an apartment, you should have the technology available to show vacancies. It is important to have this information updated in real-time, not only to minimize unnecessary calls to your business but to reduce frustration for visitors. Make sure to include information about the vacancies, including the exact apartment available and how much rent and deposits are for each unit.

Say It With Visual Elements

Investing in both photography and video for each of your properties will take your website to the next level. In addition to having a floor plan for each type of apartment, you should have photographs of the units so prospective tenants have a good mental image of the apartment before they visit. Panoramic and drone photography are other ways you can incorporate relevant visual elements into your website. A panoramic view of the apartment layout will give visitors a feel for what it is like to be inside the apartment. You can use drone photography as a way to showcase what is nearby each apartment, such as a pool, shopping center, or neighborhood schools.

Be Convenient

Having a website is not only about marketing vacancies; your website should offer convenience for current and future tenants. For future tenants, they should be able to fill out an application online or pay any application fees. Make other transactions easily available on your website, such as paying deposits or monthly rent. Another feature that is important is maintenance requests. Streamlining requests makes it easier for both tenants and your maintenance crew. Tenants can know where they are in the queue and your maintenance crew can log in to see outstanding requests.

Apartment complexes with a professional website will leave a good impression on visitors. As a property manager, having a stellar website can be an invaluable marketing tool to attract new tenants and possibly retain current ones. For more information on web design, contact companies like Alice Wonder Marketing.