Locked Up? Why A Bail Bonds Agent Is Your Best Option For Release

Unless you are aware of a warrant for your arrest and have intentionally turned yourself in, going to jail usually isn't on anyone's "To-Do" list. It can happen during a routine traffic stop when you are detained because you were unknowingly driving with a suspended license or under more severe circumstances where you're charged with driving under the influence (DUI.) Regardless of why you are locked up, the main objective is to get out. Once you stand before the judge and are granted bail, the next step is to contact a bail bonds agent. Keep reading to learn why.

Bail Bonds Services Are Always Available

If you're taken into custody in the middle of the night, you might not know who to call. Some people completely disengage from their mobile phones each night, and if you try to reach out to someone in your circle, you could end up squandering your phone privileges if no one picks up.

Bail bonds agents make themselves available virtually any time of the day or night. No matter what the hour, you can count on a bail agent being there to speak with you about your circumstances and then heading over to secure your release.

Maintain Your Privacy & Keep Personal Business Close To Your Chest

It doesn't take much for news to travel around a circle of people. You might decide to contact a friend and ask them to post your bail, but this could be a mistake. Trusted friends are dear, and you wouldn't want to do anything to tarnish your reputation with those you care about. Not to mention the tension that could take place if you aren't able to repay the funds that you borrow in a timely fashion.

Working with a bail bonds agent lets you keep your jail adventure to yourself. If the charges are completely dropped later on, there really is no reason for anyone to ever know about your time behind bars!

Preserve Your Savings

Paying the full amount for the bail upfront may not be a wise decision. Although you might have the money in your savings account, you don't want to put it all in, because you could need it for legal fees later on. Bail agents only charge a small fraction of the total cost for bail, so you can keep more of your money in case an emergency situation comes up.

Bail bonds agents are there to serve you. When you get arrested, contact a bail service and let them come to your rescue.