How A Professional Expert Witness Can Turn The Tide In Your Legal Case

As a lawyer, you, of course, want to do everything you can to win every case you take. Some cases are more complicated than others, though, and might require digging into fine details that might confuse the jury or simply strike people as boring. It is your job as the attorney to present this information in a way that the jury can easily understand. To that end, you might want to look into hiring a professional witness for your next case.

What is a Professional Witness?

A professional witness is someone who has many years of experience with a very specific subject matter. They can then use this knowledge to offer insight into what might or might not have happened at a crime scene. A chemistry legal witness, for example, might be able to remark upon the chemical composition of various evidence left behind at the crime scene and declare whether or not that chemistry says something telling about the crime or case.

Professional Witnesses Know How to Sound Smart While Still Communicating Clearly

So what's the difference between say, a chemistry legal witness and the chemistry professor at your local college? Both might know chemistry inside and out but only one has experience testifying in a courtroom. A professional witness knows how to come across as educated and well-informed but without beating the jury down with legal or trade jargon that will cause their eyes to glaze over. Typically, a professional witness will explain things using trade-specific vocabulary but then, at the attorney's invitation, turn to the jury and explain things again in layman's terms. This could go a long way towards helping you create a convincing case.

Professional Witnesses Are Ready for Cross-Examination

Professional witnesses have typically been inside of a courtroom numerous times. They've been under cross-examination before in the past and stood up to the test, otherwise they likely wouldn't still be a professional witness. If you expect your current case to be a tough battle, it can benefit you and your client to have a witness on your side who is battle-tested and ready to respond quickly to anything the other side tries to throw at them. Contrast this again, with say, that chemistry professor with no prior courtroom experience. You don't want your expert witness to fold under pressure or come off sounding less than sure of him or herself.

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