Why Is Hiring A Moving Company Better Than Hiring Your Friends?

When you need to move house, you have two primary options. You can hire a moving company, or you can hire some friends to help you out. While hiring friends does have a certain appeal — you can often pay them in pizza and beer — hiring a real moving company is often the better option. Here's why.

They will always show up

If you've ever had friends help you move before, you know how hard it is to count on people. A friend may have something come up at the last minute that's more important than your move. Someone else may have to leave early to pick up their child from sports. Before you know it, you've gone from having 6 helpers to 1, and the move takes a lot longer than it should. When you hire a moving company, you know someone is going to show up — no matter what. This helps give you peace of mind and ensures you'll finish moving on schedule.

They carry insurance

What would happen if your friend dropped your expensive television on the way down the stairs? You would basically have to buy a new one and eat the cost. If a moving company makes a similar mistake, their insurance policy will cover you — you'll get a new TV, free of charge. Professional movers are less likely to drop or damage items than your friends since they have so much experience, but accidents do happen, which is why insurance is crucial.

They bring their own equipment

If you think you're going to get everything out of the house with just your hands, think again. Moving requires dollies, moving tarps, gloves, and more. If you hire friends to help you move, you will need to buy this equipment, and the costs can add up. Moving companies will bring their own equipment, so you don't have to worry about it.

They can get things out of tight spaces

You and your friends might spend an hour figuring out how to best maneuver a large credenza out of the tight dining room. A professional mover will look at the same scenario and have a proposed solution within minutes. They've seen so many similar cases that solving these challenges comes naturally. Your move will proceed a lot faster, and your items are less likely to get bumped into doorways.

Contact a moving company near you for a quote; it's almost always worthwhile to hire movers.