When You May Have Your Snow Removal Service Haul Excess Snow Away

Most of the time that your snow removal service visits your home, the snow removal professional will push or blow the snow off your driveway onto where your lawn grows during the summer months. This scenario is suitable for most homeowners, but it's possible that you may be in a situation where having the snow hauled away is necessary. If so, you'll want to talk to your snow removal service about this added task. Generally, this means that the service will arrange for a snowblower and a dump truck to visit your property. The snowblower will fill the dump truck with snow, which the truck will then take away and dump. Here are some situations in which you may need excess snow hauled away.

Your Lot Is Small

It's possible that you'll need to have your snow hauled away if your yard is extremely small. In the case of a larger yard, your snow removal service can distribute the snow in different areas of the yard — for example, on each side of your driveway, up and down its entire length. A small yard offers minimal space to store snow, and after just a few snowfalls, the yard may have several feet of snow piled on it. This could pose a safety risk, as you might not be able to clearly see the road when you're trying to back out of your driveway. Having the snow hauled away will correct this problem.

You're An Avid Gardener

When the snow begins to melt in the spring, it can take a long time for your yard to become clear. This might not bother the average homeowner, but if you're an avid gardener, you might be keen on getting to work in your garden as early as possible each spring. It can be frustrating to wait for the piled-up snow to melt. However, if you have your snow removal service haul away the excess snow, resulting in your yard having less slow piled on it, it will melt away quicker.

You Own Dogs

If you own dogs, you want them to be able to move around your front yard. When the snow is piled high, this can become challenging — and you may find yourself shoveling a path for the animals to use. Having your snow removal company haul away the excess snow after it clears your driveway can make your yard significantly easier for your dogs to walk around — whether it's to do their business or to play with your kids.

For questions regarding whether you need your snow removal service to haul excess snow away, reach out to a professional company like Seattle Snow.