Three Ways A Rotary Die Cutter Can Help Your Packaging And Shipping Industry

A rotary die cutter is a device that can cut everything from rolls of cellophane to rolls of labels. In the world of packaging equipment, rotary die cutters are practically indispensable. They can handle a number of jobs with incredible speed and efficiency that human hands cannot duplicate. If your packaging and shipping industry does not have a rotary die cutter on hand, here is what you are missing and all the ways in which this seemingly simple machine can help. 

Create Thousands of Perfectly Sized Shipping Labels in Hours

With the hundreds of thousands of packages you expect to ship each day, you are going to need just as many shipping labels. Imagine creating those labels on a computer and having to wait for a printer to print them all out on paper and then using a ton of packing tape to turn those into labels. That is a mess. Instead, load self-gummed rolls of a much larger size onto one part of the die cutter, set it for size and shape (e.g., 2x3 rectangles), and hit the "go" button. The die cutter spins, cuts, shapes, and rolls the perfectly sized labels onto cardboard rolls and makes them ready for printing and sticking with no tape involved. 

Cut Plastic Package Wrap and Roll It Up

If you walked into a factory where they produce plastic wrap, you would be taken aback at the massive rolls of this stuff. To get it down to the workable size you need, that company has to make smaller rolls, and then you take the smaller rolls and hook them up to a die cutter. The die cutter then cuts these rolls into the rolls you commonly use in your shipping industry, which are a far cry from what they were in the manufacturer's plant. 

Slit Cardboard for Packing

Lightweight cardboard can be run through a rotary cutter to cut it into strips for packing material. This is an excellent way to reuse damaged boxes and not lose money on the boxes. Turn off the winders on the die cutter and turn on the slitter. Feed the cardboard through the machine, and the slitter will create perfect slips of cardboard for insulation in your packages. You can also program the machine to cut wider slits in some cardboard to act as handles or slots for drop boxes and the like. Using your packaging equipment rotary die cutter this way will help you recycle more and waste less of your resources.