3 Types Of Gutter Covers For Your Home

Your gutters are crucial for protecting your roof, basement, and foundation. Gutters funnel rainwater off your roof and away from your home, into the ground where it can be reabsorbed. In order for gutters to function effectively, they need to be kept clear of debris. Regularly cleaning your gutter is one way you can keep them clear. However, this process is time consuming, and it can be dangerous, since it requires you to get up on a ladder. Gutter covers are a safe, effective alternative that can reduce the amount of gutter maintenance you need to perform on a regular basis. There are various types of gutter covers available on the market. Here are three types of gutter covers you can choose from:

1. Bottle Brush Covers

Bottle brush gutter covers are extremely easy to install, since they sit directly in your gutter. These gutter covers are made of long, stiff fibers that cluster together in the shape of a bottle brush. They can prevent leaves from falling in your gutter while still allowing water to flow normally. Bottle brush covers are ideal for people who have a problem with birds nesting in their gutters. The nylon fibers stick up at an angle that discourages nesting by making the space less hospitable to birds.

2. Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are another type of common gutter cover. These covers fit on top of your gutters. They can be affixed to your roof using screws. Gutter screens filter out debris before it can enter your gutter. You can find screens of different sizes. Screens with larger holes can encourage water to enter your gutter faster, which may be desirable in areas with heavy rainfall. Screens with smaller, mesh-like holes can filter out more debris. However, drainage may be slower.

3. Reverse Curve Covers

Unlike gutter screens, which are flat, reverse curve covers protrude from your gutter. They form a dome shape over your gutter, allowing leaves and twigs to slide off and fall to the ground. Reverse curve covers have slits or holes in them, which allows water to make its way into your gutter. You can find reverse curve covers in various colors to match the shingles on your roof.

Each type of gutter cover has its own advantages. You should select a gutter screen system based on your preferences and your roofing needs. Most gutter covers can be easily installed, so you won't need to hire help to add them to your house.