Ways To Keep Your Body Safe While Working As A Temp Courier

If you're looking to get temp work with a local courier service, there are a few things that you'll need to do to keep getting work assignments. The first thing, of course, is to excel in this role. Work quickly and smartly, and the courier service will be eager to call you whenever it has a need for temporary help. You'll also want to make sure that your body is ready for the job. Being a courier can be more of a physically demanding profession than you might realize, and you don't want to be too stiff and sore to work an upcoming shift. Here are some simple pieces of gear that can help to keep your body safe.


Gloves are one of the simplest pieces of gear that a temp courier can wear, but they're also among the most important. Some of the items that you'll be delivering have the ability to hurt you. For example, a box with industrial staples across the bottom might look like a normal box, but a jagged staple could dig into your hand as you hastily grab the box from the truck. A pair of work gloves with leather palms will make a difference in keeping your hands safe from such injuries.

Boot Insoles

As a temp courier, you'll spend much of your day driving your delivery vehicle. You'll also be on your feet a lot — both at the start of your shift when you're loading your vehicle and throughout the shift when you've stopped to make deliveries. Foot soreness can inhibit your ability to accept future temp assignments, so make sure that your boots are comfortable. One of the ways of doing so is adding soft insoles to the footwear. By providing arch support and padding beneath your heels and toes, the insoles will keep foot pain at bay.

Back Support Belt

Back pain is a risk to all sorts of people at work, including those who work as temp couriers. You'll be lifting a lot of weight throughout the day, and you might not always be aware of a package's weight when you grab it and try to move it. A good device for lowering your risk of back pain is a back support belt. This simple device wraps around your lower back and has shoulder straps. You can wear it beneath your uniform so that you still look professional but benefit from this enhanced support.

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