3 Pieces Of Rain Gear To Wear When Working With A Pressure Washer

If you have recently started working at a job where you regularly need to operate a pressure washer, you are probably getting tired of constantly getting your clothes wet. Not only is it annoying to continue working when your clothes are soaked, but it can also cause a lot of discomfort for you as you travel from one job to the next. The best way to keep yourself protected while handling pressure washing tasks for clients is to have the right rain gear to wear on your body. When you have rain gear, you never have to worry about being soaked and uncomfortable in your clothes. You can remove the gear when you finish the job and put it back on when you get to your next job.

Rain Suit

A traditional rain suit consists of a jacket and pants or overalls. The rain suits that are made for workers are created with high-quality materials that are water-resistant yet breathable and comfortable to wear. You can put the rain suit on over your pants and t-shirt before you start using the pressure washer. You can find rain suits in bright colors that are best to wear when you are handling tasks in commonly frequented areas because you want to make sure drivers can see you.

Rain Boots

Aside from making sure your clothes do not get wet, you want to keep your feet from getting wet. When wearing regular sneakers or boots, the water from the pressure washer can easily get on your shoes and into your shoes, making your socks and feet wet. It is uncomfortable to walk around with wet feet throughout the day, so be prepared for the work you are doing by having a pair of comfortable rain boots to wear. You can find waterproof work boots with a steel toe that would protect your feet from heavy objects while you work. Having the added protection is a must.

Coated Gloves

If you do not want your hands to get wet while operating the pressure washer, use coated gloves. The coated gloves will keep your hands warm and comfortable while you operate the equipment and provide pressure washing services to your clients. You can avoid dealing with excess moisture that could dry your hands out and cause them to start peeling by putting on your coated gloves beforehand.

Now that you are handling tasks that involve using a pressure washer, you should have gear that you can wear to protect yourself from the water. You should have a rain suit, protective rain boots, coated gloves and other rain gear for work.