4 Steps To Improve Your Housekeeping Department

If you run a housekeeping department for a business, such as a hotel or resort, there are steps you can take to improve your housekeeping department. Your housekeeping department is vital to the overall satisfaction of your customers.

Step #1: Clearly Define Your Standards

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you clearly define your standards. It is one thing for you to say that you want your housekeeping department to offer the cleanest rooms and experience to your guests, and it is another thing entirely to provide that.

It is hard for your housekeeping staff to meet high standards if those standards are not clearly defined. You should have written standards for how you want each room to be cleaned, and all the housekeeping staff should have a checklist of those standards.

Step #2: Train Your Staff to Meet Your Standards

Second, you need to do more than write tough standards for your housekeeping staff to follow. You want to train your staff to meet those standards. You should hold trainings where you show and demonstrate what your standards are and how to meet those standards. Training is the key to making sure that your cleaning staff can meet your standards and please your guests.

Step #3: Follow Up on Your Standards

Third, you need to make sure that you follow up with your standards. You should check in with your staff members and let them know how they are meeting your standards and how they are not meeting your standards. Remember, it is just as important to reinforce positive behavior in your staff. That way, they will know what they need to keep doing. If you find areas where a staff member can improve, don't just tell them that they are doing it wrong; show them how to do it correctly and retrain them to meet your standards.

Step #4: Set New Goals

Finally, don't be afraid to set new goals for your housekeeping staff. Maybe one month you work on improving the way that you clean guest bathrooms, and the next month you work on improving the way that the beds are made. Continually set new goals so that you keep your team motivated toward success.

When it comes to running a housekeeping department for a resort or hotel, you need to make sure you clearly define your standards, train your staff to meet your standards, and provide followup feedback and training. Don't become complacent; set new goals over time for your housekeeping staff. And if you are in need of housekeepers, reach out to businesses that help with staffing housekeepers.