Have Erectile Dysfunction? What You Can Do Now And Treatments Available

If you have erectile dysfunction, this can affect a relationship. Fortunately, there are things you can do immediately. There are also treatments that you can do that will take a little longer. Below is information about all these things so you can get your sex life back to normal again.

Open Penis Rings

You can purchase an open penis ring online or there some stores you can find in your area that sell them. You will place the ring around the base of penis. There are larger rings that also are worn around the penis and the testicles. This will allow your erection to last longer.

You can find open penis rings made of materials like metal, leather, rubber, and silicone.  Silicone is the most flexible material you can use.

While wearing the ring, the blood flow is much slower, which allows you to have an erect penis. This ring will work best if you can get at least a partial erection.

Medical Treatment Options

There are many medical treatments available to treat erectile dysfunction. You need to see your doctor in order to receive these medical treatments. The doctor may start you out with non-invasive treatment. This is taking oral medication. These medications are generally taken a certain time before you have sex to allow you to have an erection during sex. The affects then disappear not long after you have an orgasm.

Your doctor may check your hormone levels. This is because, if you have low testosterone, there is testosterone therapy available. The doctor will perform a blood test in order to determine if you have this problem. If so, you will be prescribed hormones to get your testosterone levels back to normal.

Another treatment available is using a vacuum erection device. With this, a plastic tube is placed over your penis. A pump is then placed at the other end of the plastic tube. When the pump is turned on, this will put low pressure on your penis, which will cause you to get an erection. This device is used a certain amount of time before you have sex. How long your erection will last depends on your personal situation.

Your doctor can go over these treatment options with you in much more detail. The doctor can also tell you about other treatment options you have, including a surgical option. The doctor can help you decide which treatment will work best for you.