Caring For Your Skin During Laser Lipo Recovery

Laser lipo is an excellent way to target excess fat in problem areas. Since the procedure is less invasive, it does not come along with many of the recovery challenges of traditional lipo, but there are certain measures you should take, especially when it comes to caring for your skin. Learn how to help your skin recover after your laser lipo procedure. 

Stay Hydrated

Water hydrates the entire body, including the skin. When your body is dehydrated, your skin becomes incredibly dry. Dry skin takes longer to heal from some of the concerns that arise after laser lipo, including mild burns and scarring. When you increase your water intake after the procedure, you keep your skin hydrated, which in turn helps it heal faster. Keep in mind that how much water to drink varies between people, but eight 8-ounce glasses a day is a good starting point. 

Incorporate Weight Training

Once you get the clearance from your provider, it's a good idea to incorporate weight training into your exercise regimen. Laser lipo helps remove the excess fat from the problem area and can provide some level of tightening of the skin. However, if you want a very toned look, you will need to build up the muscle in the area, which can only be achieved with weight training. Remember, you don't have to lift heavy weights to see the results you want. 

Alter Your Diet

It's a good idea to also make some changes to your diet. Again, while laser lipo is non-invasive, some swelling is common. The last thing you want to do is to fill your diet with foods that cause inflammation. Refined carbohydrates, excessive alcohol consumption, and foods containing high-fructose corn syrup are known triggers. Eating a diet that limits your intake of these foods will help keep inflammation down and help your swelling go down faster. 

Invest in a Good Moisturizer

In addition to drinking water, applying a good moisturizer to your skin is also a great way to help your skin heal faster after laser lipo. A good moisturizer should do more than just rest on top of the skin; it should also penetrate into your skin's layers, which is helpful for scarring and mild burns. Keep in mind that if you have had the procedure performed anywhere on your face, including the chin, you need to choose a moisturizer that is safe for use on the face. 

After your treatment, your provider will give you after-care tips to ensure you recover appropriately.

For more information on laser lipo, contact a doctor.