3 Tips To Help You Design The Perfect Reception Area

A client's or vendor's perception of your company begins the moment that he or she walks through the door. This is why it is important for you to create a cohesive and efficient reception area where your guests can relax while they are waiting to meet with employees or executives.

You can't just stick some furniture in the reception area and call it a day. Use these tips to help you design a reception area that will be more in line with your corporate identity.

1. Consider Your Corporate Identity

It's important that you keep your corporate identity in mind when designing a reception area. The reception area should reflect the style and prestige that your business is trying to achieve.

Use the furniture in the rest of your office space as a guide to select furniture for the reception area. If your work areas have a modern vibe, carry this atmosphere into your reception area with sleek furnishings. If you are trying to create a cozy feel, then choose plush furnishings that will help soften your reception space.

2. Consider Who Will be Waiting

Another factor that you can utilize to help you create a quality reception area is the type of people who will be waiting within the space. If your reception area will play host to executives from other companies on a regular basis, you will want prestigious and quality furnishings that lend an air of luxury to the space.

If your reception area will be housing children and young families, you will want furniture that is durable and easy to clean.

If disabled individuals will frequent your reception area, you should consider a reception desk that is low enough to accommodate a wheelchair and ensure that you leave enough open space for people to maneuver their mobility devices.

3. Consider Space Restrictions

You want to provide as much seating in your reception area as possible. In order to accomplish this task, you need to incorporate many different types of seating into your design. You should have couches and chairs for those who need more comfort.

You should add office chairs with small workstations for those who want to multitask while they are spending time in your reception area. Try to anticipate the needs of your guests and address these needs in the design of your reception area.

Commercial office furniture is central to the comfort, design, and function of any commercial space. Make sure that you are carefully considering the type of furnishings that will have the greatest impact in your reception area before you design the space.